Vendor values

Our Core Values are the heart and soul of everything we do at The Budget Savvy Bride and The Savvy Wedding Guide. We believe in creating an environment that is not simply transactional but relational– by nurturing trust, respect, and authenticity. Every business that joins our platform is more than just a vendor; they're a vital part of a couple's special journey and a thread in the fabric of this beautiful, savvy wedding community.

These Vendor Values are more than guidelines - they embody the spirit of our platform, and we firmly believe that by adhering to these, we create a community that is supportive, transparent, respectful, and filled with kindness. They ensure that every interaction goes beyond business and remains focused on the true spirit of what a wedding day is: a celebration of love!

We invite you to acquaint yourself with these values as they will help you understand what we stand for and how we can together make the wedding planning journey a joyous one for every couple!

Love is Love

We wholeheartedly support every couple's inherent right to marry the person they love, regardless of gender or any other factor. We firmly believe that love, in all its beautiful forms, deserves to be celebrated and cherished without any exceptions or limitations. It is a fundamental human right that should be recognized and respected by every member involved in the wedding day.

Kindness is Key

We firmly believe in providing equal kindness and respect to all couples. We embrace and celebrate diversity, acknowledging and appreciating individuals' sexual orientation, gender identity, race, ethnicity, disability, religion, and budget. Our commitment to inclusivity ensures that every couple feels welcome and valued.

Trust is Transparency

We strongly believe that price transparency is not only a sign of respect for the valuable time of both vendors and couples, but also a cornerstone of open communication. We are committed to providing vendors with the ability to share information about pricing, ensuring clarity, and fostering trust in the relationships between couples and vendors.

As you embark on this beautiful journey of providing services to our community, remember to carry these values close to your heart. They'll guide you in forging meaningful relationships with couples, contributing towards a memorable wedding experience. Together, we can create a platform where love is celebrated in all its forms, where kindness and authenticity are valued, and transparency is revered.

Let's continue to uphold these values and create an inclusive, empowering space for everyone. Welcome to our community, and here's to many beautiful weddings ahead!